eLearning: Goodbye, Isolation! Hello, Social Collaboration!


Throughout my schooling I had the privilege of being taught by some wonderful teachers. The vast majority of them loved having control of their classroom; no cellphones, no talking in class, no commotion. It made sense; being a good teacher requires dedication, attention to detail, and extensive planning. Any little distraction could spoil a student’s focus. But these teachers also understood how important student collaboration was.  They encouraged us to engage in discussions, share notes, and also offered up friendly competition from time to time. These were the hallmarks of effective learning for me.

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A Little Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way

Do you remember a teacher who acknowledged your work in school? A boss who complimented your work? I bet you do. If what comes to mind is pretty far back there, it might be because acknowledgements are sometimes few and far between, but if you look back, all our lives we have been rewarded and recognized for doing well in one way or another. Continue reading