Announcing… Brad Sugars Business Academy!!

Social27 is excited to announce our new partnership with Brad Sugars. Together we have formed the Brad Sugars Business Academy.

As you may already know, Brad Sugars is a world-renowned business man. His name alone is synonymous with business and business education. Sugars curiosity and drive propelled him to start working from the age of seven and he hasn’t slowed down since.

By the time Sugars reached his late twenties, he had built an empire, and acquired more than enough wealth to retire. However, retirement didn’t quite suit a man of his ambition, and Sugars decided to come back, give back, and help grow even more businesses.

Since his return, Sugars has become a world famous public speaker, business coach, author, and now- where Social27 becomes involved- an educator. Sugars and his team selected the Social27 platform as to give their students the best possible online experience. The platform is complete with many engagement tools such as gamification, profiles, message walls, instructor questions, assignments, and much, much more.

Social27 has been in the training and education space for many years and have trained over 2.5million people. Online education has been a popular topic for many years, and online training, especially corporate training need to catch up with the internet of things. The Brad Sugars Business Academy is taking strides to get there.

The marriage between Brad Sugars passion for business, and Social27’s interactive, robust education platform is the ultimate tool for enterprise and small businesses worldwide.  We hope you enjoy what we have created, we know that we do.