Bill Gates Is Ready For the Education Revolution


JStone /

A lot of things come to mind when discussing Bill Gates: Microsoft, billionaire, philanthropist. But when it comes to discussing one of the world’s most recognizable men, education is at the top of our minds.

In early 2000, the William H. Gates Foundation merged with the Gates Learning Foundation to form the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Gates’ interest in giving back was ignited by an article he read regarding children in 3rd world countries needing access to clean water, which served as a catalyst for his prominent stance on education in the world.

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Peter Thiel and the Distortions to Education


If you’re like me and you just recently graduated from college, you probably have a couple of questions and concerns about the state of our current education system. What is it really trying to accomplish? Is it setting up students to learn, or has it become blasé to the point of ineffectiveness? These questions are pertinent and warrant a serious discussion.  Luckily for us, there are some heavy hitters out there who have taken notice.

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