About the Authors


Ike Singh, CEO and Co-Founder

Ike Singh Kehal is the CEO and co-founder of Social27, a leading social eLearning platform with clients across the globe. Ike is a respected business professional with 15+ years of marketing, sales, and business development experience. His latest company, Social27 was founded in 2007 to take advantage of the growing need for social media and game dynamics integration in virtual events and online education. Prior to starting Social27, Ike drove numerous startup projects, including Indiabulls Retail, where he was CEO. Previously, he held various business strategy positions at Microsoft, spread over a seven-year period.



Manpreet Wadan, VP Business Development

Manpreet Wadan is the VP of Business Development at Social27.  A respected business professional, he came to Social27 with 14+ years experience in business development, marketing, and sales and extensive expertise in customer research projects, loyalty programs and competitive analysis.  Wadan has been with Social27 since the beginning; he and his rich global experience are key to what makes Social27 the company it has grown to be.


Amy Ginther

Amy Ginther, Marketing Manager

Amy Ginther is the Marketing Manager for Social27 and a graduate of the University of Washington. Ginther’s passion for marketing began straight out of high school, and it continued through her college years. She comes to Social27 with 7+ years experience in all different forms of marketing. She enjoys the culture and pace of a startup and in her time at Social27 she has hit the ground running. She plans on returning to school to pursue her masters in business. Stay tuned.


Jyot Sandhu is part of the Business Development team at Social27. He recently graduated from the University of Washington, where he studied communications and journalism. Social27 is Jyot’s first time working at a startup, and the culture is something he appreciates greatly, especially after working in retail throughout college.


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