Announcing CloudTekU!

We have been up to many exciting things this year. Near the top of the list is our new partnership with Kevin Jackson and the beginning of CloudTek University. Jackson’s strong reputation in the cloud and government space and our state-of-the art training and education platform made our decision to partner a no-brainer.

The cloud is a very dynamic and interesting space. It continues to evolve everyday and in our day-to-day lives, we continue to use it more and more. Everything from your phone, your car, to the wearable technology you have on your wrist uses the cloud in some way.  As the cloud effects all of us, it is important that we all have a basic knowledge of the cloud. No longer is the knowledge just beneficial to the IT guy at the office, it is important for anyone that comes into contact with it.

Basic knowledge such as types of cloud services, what kind of information of yours goes the cloud, and how you can protect yourself against security threats you can all learn in our academy. We also have certification prep for basics, cloud leaders, cloud technologies, and much more.

All of these learning paths delivered on a platform that allows students to connect with each other, ask questions to their instructors, earn points and badges, all while learning.

Why not sign up today? We are even offering a FREE 3-day trial. It is that easy. Join us today at We look forward to learning together.



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