How to Develop Your Own Unique Leadership Style

Often the first step that leads to a successful enterprise is the “big” idea. Entrepreneurs bring their idea to life by putting together a team of people. Successful entrepreneurs are able to do so by successfully executing their idea. As they begin to hire their team, they start moving toward becoming a leader. And at this point, their success relies heavily on their leadership skills.


As you begin developing your own unique leadership style, here’s a list of the most common types / styles. Often, you will need to use a combination of these depending on your situation. No style works effectively in isolation.



This type of leadership style sets the tone and direction for the company, empowering people with a crystal clear vision, so they can figure out their course on how they will get there. The goal is to mobilize people to a set of shared goals.



This style of leadership works with a team that wants to grow professionally and has initiative. It’s a one-on-one style that uses questions to reach desired solutions.



This style draws on people’s strengths and knowledge, by creating a commitment to the goals. This is used when there is no clear cut vision and the leadership needs to tap into the collective expertise of the team.



The affiliative leadership style takes on a collaborative approach by creating harmony and connecting team members to each other in order to reach the shared goal.
This style helps improve team harmony, increase employee morale, improves communication and boosts trust throughput the organization.



This is the classic ‘military’ style of leadership. This is the least effective of all styles. It focuses on criticism rather than praise. It is limited in effectiveness for most situations.


If you are interested in learning how to build your own effective team, check out Entrepreneurs Team Course in Brad Sugars Business Academy for more insights and topics to help you hone your leadership skills and build a winning team, so you are able to achieve more than a single champion possibly can. In the Entrepreneurs Team Course, you will also learn the 6 Steps to a Winning Team, a unit that you can immediately apply to your business. After all, to be a successful entrepreneur, you will need a team of highly skilled, resourceful people with a set of shared goals.



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