Customer Service Is the New Marketing

Southwest Airlines prides itself as the #1 Customer Service Company.

The airline is famous for the line, “We like to think of ourselves as a Customer Service company

that happens to fly airplanes.”

Today’s customer is an information hog. Before doing business with you, they will find out

everything they can about your company –as information is easily available on the internet. The

internet has made it ever more difficult for companies that do not offer great customer service to

even stay in business.

So how do you provide the most amazing customer experience so they keep coming back for


It’s important to start from within –how can you create a culture in your company that screams

customer service?

For this to happen, your entire team right from accounting to marketing need to embrace the

idea of customer service –not just your front-line team.

In order to create this culture, you also need to understand what your customers want.

Yes, customers want a personal touch; they want to be treated right; and they want a seamless


But what they also want is transparency.

So how do you become an organization with complete transparency?

You can achieve total transparency by:

1. Having conversations with your customers,

2. Letting them know what your product contains and how it will help them –be honest

here. For instance, our meat comes from happy, grass-fed cows in Nebraska.

3. Not hiding anything

4. Getting feedback and acting on it

The question is, how can you become a customer service organization that is also in the

(industry you are in) business?

If you would like to take your customer service to the next level, check out Brad Sugars

Business Academy “Business Excellence” course. Specifically “Why Customer Retention is

King a complete unit dedicated to this subject.

This unit aims at helping you master serving your customers so you can achieve astounding

results in your business. In this course you will learn how to attract and retain customers by

genuinely understanding YOUR customers’ needs, wants and expectations. – See more at:


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